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Sam Prince Michelle Meima Windham County Safe Place Staff Child Advocacy Center supporting survivors of sexual abuse and physical violence Brattleboro Vermont

When you arrive at 62 Black Mountain Road, you will see our entrance is beyond the Brattleboro Police Department door. Follow the rainbow hearts! Our advocate will greet you at the door and welcome you to our comfortable waiting area. While there, the interview process will be explained and you will be asked to sign a consent form for the interview.


You may ask any questions during this time. Investigators that are assigned to your case will be in the observation room until the interview concludes. They will answer any pressing questions before you depart and follow up with you by phone in the days after the interview.


Before starting the interview, you will meet our interviewer and ask any additional questions. No one is permitted to view interviews except for assigned investigators. Any discomfort or hesitation to disclose will be honored and a participant may wish to conclude at any time. 


​You may take a tour, access the restroom, have some water or tea, use our Wi-Fi, play with our fidgets or kids toys, review educational materials, and more! 

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