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Safe Place CAC Staff Sam Prince and Michelle Meima

Samantha Prince, Executive Director and Dedicated Interviewer (left)


Sam began working at Safe Place in 2020 as both the Executive Director and dedicated interviewer. Each year, Sam interviews around 175-250 children and adults who have report4edly endured sexual and physical violence, abuse, and/or neglect. Sam is also able to offer interviews to witnesses of trauma scenes. Although interviewing is Sam's primary contribution to the multidisciplinary team (MDT), she is also responsible for facilitating team meetings and assisting with team coordination, as the MDT Facilitator. 


Sam has been working in the field of child maltreatment, mental illness, and abuse dynamics for more than 10 years. She has attended hundreds of training hours related to the scope of the work as well as interviewing. Sam also works for the Vermont Children's Alliance to provide outreach, education, and prevention work to children and professionals throughout the State of Vermont.


Sam is most passionate about making a profound impact on the community and with each individual she serves. She is committed to a trauma-informed, victim-centered approach that considers the whole person and experience. 



Michelle was hired in 2021 as the Safe Place Victim Advocate and Administrative Director. Michelle meets with every family, caregiver, or adult that attends Safe Place for an interview and provides ongoing support. She is able to provide an assessment of client needs and make appropriate and timely referrals. She also maintains contact with caregivers or adults after their interview, to ensure that their voices are heard throughout the process, continuing to advocate on their behalf throughout the investigation.

Michelle is also responsible for the bulk of the administrative work at Safe Place, including case data tracking, finances, filing, and more. She coordinates the services for each case in an effort to ensure needs are met effectively while reducing stress whenever possible. 

Michelle is incredibly passionate about learning and higher education. She enjoys researching, attending trainings, engaging in community, state, and federal opportunities. Michelle loves being able to deeper her connection with clients, improving her understanding of others experiences and needs, and making an impact in the community as a well-known advocate.

Michelle Meima, Administrative Director and Victim Advocate (right)

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