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Safe Place CAC Staff Sam Prince and Michelle Meima

Samantha Prince, Executive Director and Dedicated Interviewer (left)

Our Safe Place Interviewer is responsible for providing legally sound interviews to children and adults upon the request of an investigative agency that is part of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) Multidisciplinary Team (MDT). Sam has conducted hundreds of interviews, provided testimony, and engaged in a plethora of scrupulous interview trainings.


Interviewing is Sam's primary contribution to the MDT. She is able to speak with each person, child or adult, in way that is supportive, trauma-informed and victim-centered. Sam is passionate and dedicated to supporting the Safe Place mission with each interview. All interviews are to the participants pace and comfort. The intention of every interview is to learn what someone is able to share about their lived experiences. 

Sam is also the executive director of Safe Place and is responsible for the day-to-day operations including financials (grants, fundraising, accounting, etc.), writing policies, supervising staff and interns, and more. Sam iand Michelle work in tandem to coordinate the MDT to ensure each case is served to the best of the teams ability.


Michelle, our Safe Place victim advocate meets with every family, caregiver, or adult that attends Safe Place for an interview or other related services. She is able to provide an assessment of client needs and make appropriate and timely referrals. She also maintains contact with caregivers or adults after their interview, to ensure their voices are heard during team meetings and provides invaluable ongoing support.

Michelle is also responsible for the bulk of the administrative work at Safe Place, including case data tracking, finances, filing, and more. She coordinates the services for each case in an effort to ensure needs are met effectively while reducing stress whenever possible. 

Michelle Meima, Administrative Director and Victim Advocate (right)

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