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A Nationally Accredited Child Advocacy Center that is dedicated to providing trauma-informed and victim-centered services to both children and adults that have endured sexual and/or physical violence.


The mission of Safe Place is to facilitate an integrated, multidisciplinary response to victims of child physical and sexual abuse and victims of adult sexual assault that reduces trauma, promotes prevention and advocacy, and supports healing for all in our community affected by these offenses.

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           Many children and adults are unable to disclose abuse when it first happens. Delayed disclosure is normal and common. Only 33% of children are able to disclose the abuse they experience right away.

If you are ready to learn about the process please click here to view our report form.  


Safe Place is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization that graciously welcomes donations of all kinds! Please click below to find out how you can help!


Safe Place is proud to provide the following services at no cost to our community!

Michelle Meima, Victim Advocate, Case Coordinator, Administrative Director


Our Victim Advocate, Michelle Meima, works to provide seamless support, resources and referrals to survivors and their caregivers! She is able to stay in touch, advocate on behalf of the child or adult and share information from the team about the process and investigation.

Safe Place Interviewer Sam Prince

Forensic Interviews

Safe Place' dedicated interviewer, Sam Prince, provides neutral interviews at the pace and to the comfort of the interviewee. The intention of the interview is to learn the persons experience, from their perspective.

Specialized Trauma-Informed Medical Exams

Medical Exams

Specialized medical evaluation and treatment are made available to CAC clients as part of the team response. Children can receive a non-traumatizing and often reassuring medical exam at Dartmouth in West Lebanon, NH. Adults may receive an exam at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital.

Therapy for child and adult survivors of physical and sexual abuse


Safe Place has been able to provide group therapy services to youth effected by sexual and physical violence for the last two years. 

This year, Safe Place aims to bring individual and group therapy to the community through fundraising efforts!


As of 2022, Windham County Safe Place has served over 3,000 survivors and their families, taught thousands of children about child abuse prevention in local schools and trained educators, mental health professionals, law enforcement officers and community members about preventing and responding to allegations of physical and sexual violence.



Safe Place has been working to connect with every school in Windham County to provide prevention education to students of all ages! Children have been able to learn about body safety, disclosing to safe adults, consent, internet safety and more!

Safe Place also connects with professionals from all disciplines to share information about mandated reporting, how to listen and talk when someone discloses abuse to you and support survivors of abuse!

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